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I'm Lisa. A Pacific Northwest native, born in Ft. Benning, GA and, in my younger years, a some-time resident of Hawaii (specifically the islands of Hawaii, Maui, Oahu and Kauai).


All along I've been a wordsmith/writer/juggler who simultaneously edits, designs and produces. Oh, and I've written a book: First Time Wine. Please peruse the above pages to discover what I write about, my videos, and my blogging style of writing,


Aside from my own additional websites, Sassy in the Suburbs, and BellaOnline, clients and contributions include Puget Sound Business Journal, Seattleite Magazine, ParentMap, CJ Construction LLC, and press releases for  a variety of companies.

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My Story

A degree from the University of Washington, in Communications, allowed me to sail into my first job as an associate producer at the Seattle CBS affiliate KIRO-TV. It was there I worked with Survivor host Jeff Probst in his first job as host of a local home and garden show. There I learned the ins and outs of writing and producing - none of which are necessarily glamourous.


First, I discovered that sometimes a producer's home becomes the set of an occasional episode. Among other recordings, I have many takes of Jeff walking up and down the interior stairs of my Ballard home.


Additionally, I became an eye-witness to true internal style and subsequent rise to fame. Not only did I get to see Jeff Probst mature as an actor, artist and host, we introduced the world to Seattle's gem of a Northwest gardener Cicscoe Morriss. 


Many Seattle locals may fondly recall Cicsoe's rise to local guru of gardens stardom, instilling his knowledge of dirt, plants, composting and all critters who make growing local plants very satisfying. In this clip Cicso (and Jeff) recount how they owe their found fame to each other. Somewhere in there dear Ciscoe references a call from an associate producer who calls him. I'm happy to say that was me.

From KIRO-TV I moved on to a stint at Seattle Times. There I worked closely with the publisher's office, specifically Frank Blethen. It was a tremendous opportunity to discover that not only could I write, edit, and produce from the comfort of my home, I could also help the world by encouraging the same for young, newly married moms who didn't strive to "do it all," but were still able to, in fact, do it all.


And that's where you find my portfolio. Working with the media early in my career taught me to focus on the specific topic and pare it down as much as possible so that the audience gets all the facts available in the smallest and easiest to decipher sound/visual-bite. Marriage and a family created a new platform of topics that were not as up-to-the-moment, but equally relevant for long term success. Long range, I developed a flair for students and young people, advocating for better access to long-term necessary skills like budgeting and resumes, rather than how to take a "standardized" test. Additionally, I married a first-generation American and became involved with Seattle's Ethnic Heritage Council. At the time I never considered how much insight this would garner with the world-wide necessity for DEI, working with local city jurisdictsions, and in our society.  

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