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Welcome to Sassy and Style!! I appreciate you stopping by.


Sassy and Style resulted from years of being a style and etiquette writer, teacher and tutor. Traveling the world, working in my community just north of Seattle, WA and being blessed in a culturally dynamic and chaotic family has allowed me to broaden my vision of how people interact. 

After entertaining in my home, camping with girlfriends, dining with my handsome husband, raising children, and enjoying the opportunity to travel far and wide, I discovered that everyone can benefit from a little style and etiquette direction. Countless opportunities to share what I have gleaned from others over the years has been consolidated here at Sassy and Style.

​My stylized library of topics range from setting the table, "please" and "thank you," kindness and business consideration. Assistance in the broad topics of sportsmanship, ordering in a restaurant and networking are paired with the narrow items like shaking hands, eye contact, elbows and that odd question, "How do you eat asparagus, anyway?"

This is me, hanging out in my kitchen. Ready to entertain.

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